Bioinformatics Bioinfowhat? Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. And it has been a hot topic of late. Though biotech has been on the radar for year, recently we’ve heard the term bioinformatics from our clients several times.

The greatest achievement of bioinformatics methods is the Human Genome Project. So much raw data is being generated by the Human Genome Project and other initiatives in biology, computers are presently essential for many biologists just to manage their day-to-day results.

Look for many start-up companies in the bioinformatics segment in the near future as scientists and programmers team up to bring meaning to the wealth of data that has been generated through the Human Genome Project and other initiatives. Bioinformatics and genomics are two sectors that will continue to draw venture capital in 2002. These start-ups need a skilled workforce, access to research universities or institutes, and possibly alliances with more established companies to help them through development stages.

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