by Joel Burgess

Recently, while dining during an out-of-town business trip, I asked the waitress if she were to spend one evening in that particular city what would she recommend I do with my wife and daughter.

Her response:

Something to the effect that there is nothing to do here, this place has no culture.

Can it be true, a place without culture? If so, how can this be?

About 10 years I too may have had a similar answer in the town where I raised. But, we both were WRONG. Every place that has people has culture, some places just happen have more cultural activities that revolve around what has been defined as the fine arts, humanities, and aspects of the sciences than other places and are considered more cultured.

For me, it took leaving the area in which I was raised for 7 years and then coming back to realize how much culture that did/does exist that was never part of my conscience and the cultural activities I never took advantage of.

In short, my point is four-part:

1.) No place that has people is absent of culture (even if considered bad culture or un-cultural)

2.) You are a spokesperson for your community – be mindful of how you present it.

3.) Embrace and seek out the culture and cultural activities of your community

4.) Explore the cultures of others

A website that attempts to determine your ideal living environment is

If nothing else it makes one think about what you look for in an ideal living location.