By Dean Whittaker

The five-day news cycle of media has passed for the earthquake in Nepal, and our attention has moved on to other issues.  However, the recovery from the April 25th earthquake continues and will do so for decades.  Over 400,000 homes were destroyed along with 10,000 schools.

Biruwa, the co-working building housing our office in Kathmandu, was damaged beyond occupancy.  Kathmandu Living Lab, one of the other tenants in the building has begun a crowdfunding campaign to continue their effort to map and coordinate relief and recovery using web-based mapping tools.

Our team is using its economic development expertise to focus their efforts on helping re-start companies and get them back up and running.  They are participating in the planning for rebuilding BarPak, a village that was near the epicenter of the quake that was nearly destroyed.

In the meantime, our Kathmandu team continues their research, working from their homes as Biruwa is in the process of finding new space.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and concern!