by Jami Miedema

On June 29, my coworkers and I had the privilege to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and help construct a home for a local Holland family. The single mother and her three teenage children were living in a house that could not accommodate the family and had electrical, plumbing, and structural problems.

Our tasks included painting the home’s interior and hanging doors. In less than four hours we had completed all of the painting and hung numerous doors throughout the house. It was great to see everyone working side-by-side and the results of our teamwork as the house took shape. It was not only a great learning experience, but it gave us all a sense of accomplishment and pride as we were able to use our skills to help a family in need.

Here are a few pictures of us hard at work!

The Lopez House

Left to Right: Jami, Tammy, Stephanie, Jordan, Maryjane, and Joel

Jami and Stephanie Painting

Maryjane, Joel and Jordan Hanging a Door