Did you just receive an iPad for Christmas? Have you had one for several months, or are you contemplating buying one? If you are interested in learning how the iPad can assist you professionally, this webinar is for you!

Join Dean Whittaker and Mark James on Monday, January 31 at 2:00pm EDT to discuss this incredible gadget and gain knowledge of its use within economic development. Topics to be discussed include:

  • What are the key apps and functions for the iPad in economic development?
  • Can the iPad replace my netbook, laptop, or other tablet while traveling?
  • Can I integrate the iPad into my office environment, including printing, file retrieval, etc?
  • Are there advantages in using the iPad for presentations or when presenting to clients, prospects, etc?
  • If, or when, will the iPad become indispensable for economic development practitioners?

 We look forward to sharing what we have learned, as well as learning from you, during this interactive, 90-minute webinar session!

Register now at: http://whittakerassociates6.eventbrite.com/