On October 24, Trevor Smith, with the Gas Technology Institute, presented an informative webinar about the shale gas industry and how this “overnight success” thirty years in the making will transform our economy. We received positive feedback about the event!

“It was very informative, and with the growing demand for energy, I am sure technology will find a way to use it without harming our water sources. It will probably be hard to convince some of the protestors; however, when that happens, I see it as having a lot more potential than ethanol…I hope you will bring more interesting webinars on-line. I certainly appreciated this one.”

-Sue Mroz, Director of Regional Planning & Economic Development, Winnebago County

“The webinar was very helpful, and I learned a great deal. Thanks!”

-Charles Hayes, President and CEO, Research Triangle Regional Partnership

If you missed the webinar, we have the recording available for purchase at this link: http://shalegasrecording.eventbrite.com