By Jami Miedema

Ford. Built Ford tough. Honda. Technology you can enjoy. Mercedes-Benz. Unlike any other. Volvo. For life. Toyota. The best built cars in the world. So, what kind of car do you drive? How long have you stuck with that brand?

It’s that time again. The lease on my vehicle is coming to an end, and now I have to decide my course of action. Although in past years it was a difficult task, this year is different. I used to be swayed by the endless options that different cars offered: sunroofs, heated seats, cooled glove boxes, even the navigation system that I so badly need. But now, none of these amenities have the power to persuade me to change from my current brand.

Why is it that we stay loyal to one brand? Is it because we love their product so much? Is it the reliability of the merchandise? Or is it because they have outstanding customer service? Chances are, these reasons are factored into our choice of brand, but moreover, customers want to receive the same loyalty that they give to their preferred brand.

Although I don’t expect perfection in every product I buy, I do expect fair compensation when a mistake has been made. Whether it’s a waived fee, an added perk, or a simple apology, these gestures can go a long way to make customers feel like they are appreciated. As long as a company is willing to invest in its consumers and go above and beyond to see a problem through to success, they stand a chance at gaining my loyalty.