By Sharad KC

Recently, Whittaker Associates compiled a list of companies that were active in opening new plants and expanding existing facilities in the United States. The list provides insight into the companies that were most active during a five year period from 2009-2013 along with information about when and where the new facilities and facility expansions happened. In addition, we have divided these companies into three categories based on their sales figures, namely, $50M-$500M (mid-tier); $500M-$2B; and $2B+.

The list was compiled using data that we collected, and through our analysis, we were able to identify companies that experienced two or more facility expansion or new facility events within a particular timeframe.

A few interesting things about the list is that it gives a general idea of what kind of companies have bounced back after the recession, the type of industries most active, and even the geographic location of the expansion and new facilities. Since this list is divided into three categories, it helps one to easily find companies that are expanding but may not be on the public’s radar. Information about theses mid-tier companies is hard to find, and hence, the list provides leads on more than 500 such companies along with their addresses, contact information, key executives and decision-makers, and their relevant news events. This has been one of our most successful developments to-date.