By Vidhan Rana

Vidhan began working part-time at Whittaker Associates in January, 2008. His primary responsibilities include gathering and analyzing data on targeted companies to predict change and using statistical analysis to improve the lead qualification process used by the company. He is also creating a database of companies from emerging markets currently or potentially looking to expand in North America.

Vidhan is a senior at Hope College, where he is majoring in Economics and Management. Vidhan grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal, where he finished high school before moving to the United States in the fall of 2004. As a student at Hope College, Vidhan was the president of Hope’s Asian Perspective Association, a minority student group on campus, and is serving as the public relations officer of the Baker Scholars, an honors group for business students.

Vidhan is also involved with the Santi School Project, which is building a primary school in Ramche, a rural village 100 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu. The school will be operational by June 2008 and will enroll around 80 students in its first year. Most of these children have never been to a school before.