By Jami Miedema

Whittaker Associates’ clients are in the business of selling – selling products, services, buildings, and communities. So it goes without saying that marketing plays a big role in attracting potential buyers. Daily, we are bombarded with marketing materials persuading us to consume and attempting to prove how a certain something can exceed our needs and expectations. But how often have you seen a really clever strategy that stands out from the crowd? I came across a memorable one recently!

Last week, I watched a YouTube video demonstrating an emerging holographic imaging product. The product, called ZScape™, was created by Zebra Imaging, a digital holographic technology firm based in Austin, TX. The company creates digital prints that display a lifelike holograph when illuminated by an LED or halogen light source. What makes this technology so special is that no special eyewear is needed to witness a 360-degree viewing of the image on the flat print.

Further, this technology could make 3-D models obsolete since it can be rapidly produced and is less expensive than the physical models. Also, with its size and flexibility, transport of the print is easy. This is especially helpful for sales and marketing professionals who travel to pitch their offerings.

For economic developers, imagine being able to easily tote a replica of your city for travel to a company interested in locating to your area. You will be able to show your community both aerially and from street level on one print. Real estate agents can also show potential tenants the intricacies of buildings for sale. Zebra Imaging’s products are used in many markets, with the Department of Defense being a main client. There’s also a need for their technology within the architecture and design, engineering and construction, and surveying and geospatial analysis industries.

View the following brief videos to see the amazing ZScape™ applications!

Building View

Systems and Infrastructure View

City View

~I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011!