By Pete Julius

The Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) was founded in July, 2002, on the philosophy

that the organization would be active-member driven and that it would continue to strive for a

majority of actives in its membership ratio. This past October, the IAMC held their inaugural

forum in Savannah, Georgia.

The forum was a well-planned and coordinated event. By the end of the forum, the overall

consensus on the event was very positive. The forum attendees enjoyed shorter workshops, a

better ability to network, reputable and relevant presenters, and a focus on the critical issues faced

by corporate real estate executives. The IAMC forum had less than 150 attendees, making it easy to

effectively network among peers.

In addition, the number of service-providers in attendance was not overwhelming. The IAMC

understands the value of service-providers and wants to encourage them to apply for membership,

but are striving to make sure that the majority of the members are corporate real estate executives.

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