By Sambridhi Shrestha

Located 200 kilo meters away from the capital of Nepal, Pokhara is the best option for a weekend getaway.  This valley is one of the gems of Nepal, consisting of seven popular lakes and with a top notch mountain view. The most famous lakes among the seven are Phewa and Begnas Lake.

As you enter the Phewa lakeside there is a street that has numerous restaurants, hotels and shop which is one of the major attractions for international as well as local tourists. The atmosphere of the lakeside is very relaxing and soothing. As for my personal experience the most relaxing to do is to go for a boat ride in the lake around late afternoon when a sun is almost down and the chilled breeze hits your face while you dip your feet in the lake water. A temple known as “Barahi” is located in the lake and which is very unique and beautiful.

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As the sun starts going down and the moon shines in the dark the night life begins. All the restaurants have something unique to offer and by that I mean the best singers and local bands with amazing food and drinks. The soulful performance of the local bands with the cool breeze of the lake is one of the things you want to experience. Pokhara is equally energetic during night as it is relaxing during day time. Begnas Lake is another pleasing destination for anyone who visits Pokhara. It is located a few miles away from Phewa Lake and serves the best fish which has become a trademark of that place.

A short hike from the lakeside will lead you to a place named Sarangkot, a very popular place for sunrise view. The valley without doubt has the most beautiful Mountain View. The range of mountains can be clearly seen specially Mount Machhapuchhre and Mount Annapurna. Pokhara is also the starting and ending point of many trekking routes in Nepal therefore, a very diverse crowd is found there.

Words are not enough to define how beautiful the valley is one must visit the valley to actually know what it feels like to be in Pokhara.

As an important note, which I feel I must include here because climate change is real and is really hampering the environment. Pokhara had an amazing wildlife specially birds, snakes and insects but due to climate change and global warming they have become endangered. Even the mountains that we can see from Pokhara have less snow compared to last few years. The sad part is if the valley will lose its charm if it loses its natural gifts.  

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