By Jeff Vedders

Stumped when it comes to international company information?  We actually stumbled on a site that may help.  It’s called Corporate Information and it’s at  Corporate Information allows you to research by company, industry, country and state and contains research reports on over 15,000 companies.

While Corporate Information allows you to retrieve basic company profile information provided by Wright Investors’ Service, what we’ve found useful is it provides links to other directories.  For example, a few years ago we were looking for information on Taiwanese semiconductor companies.  While searching this web site, we came across various business directories published in Taiwan that gave us basic contact information for these companies.

Currently the site is still free, although it appears that they are about to require registration for access.  Many of the sources are also free, but some are pay sites.  It’s a great site to begin your international research, but you will find that it is not all inclusive.