By Jeff Vedders

We’d like to introduce you to, Inc. ( is a web-based directory of businesses organized by industry.  This is a good web site to visit when looking for companies within a particular industry.  For example, by clicking on the Aerospace & Defense link, you will be able to find major companies within the industry.  Not a big deal, but still a quick and easy search to find major companies.

What we find more useful is say you’re looking for information on research and development in the aerospace industry.  This site will not only list companies involved in research and development, but the site will also list research institutes; the research institutes usually provide valuable information about the industry. is also a useful site to use when looking for companies within a relatively new and/or unusual industry.  Type “bioinformatics” into their search engine and you will find companies involved in this industry.  You will also find publications and web site about the industry.