By Jeff Vedders

Perplexed about complex IT issues?  Has “IT solution” become an oxymoron?  Wonder what drives a company’s technology decisions?  Check out Gartner, Inc.’s web site at

Gartner is a technology research and development firm.  According to their website, they are organized into four sectors: 1) Gartner Research & Advisory Services; 2) Gartner Consulting; 3) Gartner Measurement; and 4) Gartner Community.

We found the Gartner Research & Advisory Services sector to be the most useful.  They publish reports on over 200 research topics including outsourcing, emerging trends and technologies, wireless and mobile technologies, and software.  Special reports, such as the impending acquisition of PWC Consulting by IBM, are periodically available.

Gartner employs over 650 analysts with an average tenure of 10-15 years in technology.  The reports are quite in-depth, but the research is somewhat costly, with reports ranging from $95 to $495 a piece.  However, registration is free, and there are a limited number of reports available for free.

So if you want to learn about a prospect’s business, or if you are working to attract IT companies and need to learn about technology drivers, Gartner should be on your list.