By Jeff Vedders

Internet search engines aren’t the most exciting topics, are they?  But if you’re in the information business (and who isn’t these days?), if you use the Internet for any of your research, or if you rely on the Internet as a marketing tool, you must get to know them.  If you’re looking for a place to start, I recently came across a very helpful site by the name of Search Engine Watch (

What’s unique about this site is that it is written for researchers as well as web masters and web marketers.  One of the most valuable sections is the Web Searching Tips section.  Here you’ll find such diverse topics as Search Engine Math (very simple, yet effective strategies for improving your search results), Search Engine Reviews and Power Searching for Anyone.  As you might expect, the site also lists all of the major search engines, metacrawlers, kids’ search engines, and specialty search engines.

If you’re a web marketer, this site contains valuable tips for submitting your web site to search engines and web crawlers.  Some of the material in the site will provide you with tips on improving placement of your web site as well as tips on how to submit your URL.

Finally, the site offers subscriptions to several newsletters that send the latest news and tips regarding search engines.  If you’re serious about the topic, you can also become a member of the site for $89 annually.  Membership unlocks more advanced search engine topics.

Whether you’re a search engine beginner or expert, this site is definitely worth checking out.