By Jeff Vedders

Here’s a link to an interesting article from the November issue of the Monthly Labor Review which is published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The article is about U.S. industry output and employment projections to 2010.

The article can be downloaded in pdf format.

The author, Jay M. Berman, looks at industries by two- and three-digit SIC codes and shows the number of jobs in 1990, 2000, and projections to 2010.  It also displays industrial output for 1990, 2000, and projections to 2010.  As you determine which industries and companies to target, this is a useful study.  It gives you an idea of which industries have seen the most job growth and which industries are projected to have the most growth. 

Listed below are the industries expected to have the fastest employment growth and fastest employment declines through 2010.

Fastest growing

SIC codeIndustry2000 Jobs*2010 Jobs*Number Change*Percentage Change
737Computer and data processing services2,094.93,9001,805.186.2
836Residential care805.91,318512.163.5
807-809Health services, nec1,210.21,900689.857
484Cable and pay television services215.8325109.250.6
736Personnel supply services3,8875,8001,91349.2
422Warehousing and storage206.330093.745.4
494-497Water and sanitation213.9310.396.445.1
732, 733, 738Miscellaneous business services2,300.93,3051,004.143.6
735Miscellaneous equipment rental and leasing279.4397.5118.142.3
874Management and public relations1,089.71,550460.342.2
835Child day care services711.91,010298.141.9
791, 799Amusement and recreation services, nec1,313.61,850536.440.8
801-804Offices of health practitioners3,098.84,3441,245.240.2
4Veterinary services240335.995.940
245Wood buildings and mobile homes90.812736.239.9
473, 474, 478Miscellaneous transportation services252.835097.238.4
873Research and testing services642.3886243.737.9
78Landscape and horticultural services8081,09328535.3
872, 89Accounting, auditing, and other services72096324333.8
81Legal services1,009.61,350340.433.7

 Fastest declining

SIC CodeIndustry2000 Jobs*2010 Jobs*Number Change*Percentage Change
387Watches, clocks, and parts5.32.5-2.8-52.8
313, 314Footwear, except rubber and plastic30.114.2-15.9-52.8
12Coal mining77.254-23.2-30.1
341Metal cans and shipping containers35.925.6-10.3-28.7
311, 315-317, 319Luggage, handbags, and leather products, nec41.430-11.4-27.5
40Railroad transportation235.5175-60.5-25.7
88Private households890664.4-225.6-25.3
291Petroleum refining84.665-19.6-23.2
131, 132Crude petroleum, natural gas, and gas liquids129.3100-29.3-22.3
386Photographic equipment and supplies70.255-15.2-21.7
331Blast furnaces and basic steel products224.5176-48.5-21.6
Federal electric utilities2721.6-5.4-20
202Dairy products145.5121.1-24.4-16.8
363Household appliances116.296.9-19.3-16.6
46Pipelines, except natural gas13.711.5-2.2-16.1
282Plastics materials and synthetics154.3130-24.3-15.7
362Electrical industrial apparatus150.4127-23.4-15.6
279Service industries for the printing trade47.240-7.2-15.3
21Tobacco products33.928.9-5-14.7

*Thousands of jobs