By Sambridhi Shrestha

Today the world is facing a pandemic, COVID-19. While the entire human society is in obligation to stay inside their houses, doctors are fighting a war. The silent roads portray a thousand messages, a message from the ones who fought and lost, a message from the doctors who have now become warriors, a message of the victims who are fighting every day.  

“Humans are in HIBERNATION.”

It is hard to ignore the brutality of the scenario we are in but aren’t we humans ignorant from the beginning? Aren’t we ignoring the message the Earth is trying to give us for decades now? Meanwhile in this silent chaos, “The Earth is Breathing.” For years now we have been trying to control the pollution and carbon emission but haven’t been completely successful but human hibernation seems to have contributed it. 

A study performed for the environment website Carbon Brief indicated that energy usage and emissions in China had fallen by 25 percent over a period of two weeks. This is likely to result in an overall decrease of around 1 percent in this year’s carbon emissions from China, experts say.

New York researchers told the BBC that their early findings showed that carbon monoxide was reduced by nearly 50 percent compared to last year, mostly from vehicles. Planet-heating gas CO2 emissions have also plunged significantly.

NASA first noticed a decrease in air pollution in the Hubei province of China, where the coronavirus outbreak started in December. “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard space flight centre told the Guardian.

Even though the change in environment is temporary and once the pandemic is over the consumption might take a huge leap and increase, but even for a short period of time, the Earth is recovering. “We are recovering too.”

The race of life never ends. One after another we achieve our aim but the aims are endless. We have molded ourselves to focus on the goals that we want to achieve. In this process we give up so many things knowingly and unknowingly. 

The family that always had to wait for you to get home because of the, “work can’t wait” mentality. The books on your shelf that you wanted to study. The empty canvas that you always wanted to paint. The series that you wanted to binge watch while munching on snacks.  A family brunch that you wanted to have without any rush. The cookie recipe that you always wanted to bake. The closets that were vomiting your stuff. Now there is no excuse to not do these things. This period of time can be the best opportunity for you to do all of this. Recover from all the excuses that you have been giving yourself.

Some of you might not agree to the entire concept of looking at the brighter side but once you do it makes the brutal fact of the existence of COVID-19 more bearable.