By Sambridhi Sherestha

What a journey it has been, full of learning and experiences. As I complete four years at Whittaker Associates I feel immense happiness and joy it has brought me.

I would call this journey as a roller-coaster ride but more of the highs than the lows. It was my first job and I started off when I was a teenager as the Research Associate and continued for three years. Time went so seamlessly for me for the three years because I had wonderful colleagues, supportive mentors and delightful working days.

As the fourth year has completed I feel grateful towards Dean and Brittany for always being there when I needed them because us being miles apart and living in different time zone can be a challenge. But despite the challenges we aligned our priorities and completed every tasks in hand. They have been very understanding and it’s been a pleasure taking the company forward with them.

My four year journey at Whittaker has not just been about management, it’s been a significant avenue for my personal growth as a human being. Today, when I analyze the current state with my early days at Whittaker Associates, I find a lot of enhancement in my character. As an amateur with very minimal knowledge about the research industry, I started from scratch. It took me while to hold on to the tasks as I had also started my undergraduate journey in the field of business. Today I have graduated from my undergraduate school and am currently working as the Research Manager at the company. It was possible because of the mentorship and the progressive culture of the enterprise.

A lot of responsibilities tagged along when I started my voyage as the Research Manager. Before that, I worked with a team and rarely had leadership roles. The elevation in my positioning in the company demanded me to become a leader. That transition was not a walk by the cake, but it was a phase with monumental enhancement in my skills and proficiency. Managing the entire team of Nepal has been a first-rate experience for me and I believe it will continue to be in the coming days.

I express nothing but gratitude towards this organization where I have spent about 18% of my life ( I am 23 and yes I had to do some math for this, which I am not good at). They say we cannot predict the future, but I am confident enough to admit that this sublime journey at Whittaker Associates has immunized me for all my future endeavors.