By Sambridhi Shrestha

With the increasing cases around the world we are imprisoned in our houses. There are many things to be grateful about but there are many things that are disturbing and establish a big question mark on our future. The future looks blurry and the light at the end of the tunnel is not visible yet but you got to carry a torch light to reach the end of the tunnel and in my case I carried three torch lights.

Owning a flower business and running it in pandemic circumstances has been a huge challenge. Every day fear of failure feels like an anchor on my leg pulling me down from moving forward. As flowers are perishable and with the summer heat it is a war to keep the flowers fresh and blooming. Even with our effort we are facing huge amount of damages every day. It breaks you down seeing your efforts result in nothing but loss. But then I decided to go online and that is the best decision I have taken in the past few months. Even though that was not the plan it was the torch that exposed the business to a whole new market. 

Flipping to the other side of the coin I am hopping towards the fifth year of working at Whittaker Associates and I regard myself as one of the luckiest people to say that I still have work to do and “I am BUSY”. With the ridiculous amount of layoffs and shut down of business, we are leading towards a global recession and might face great depression in the coming future. Having said that I regard myself extremely privileged to be sitting in front of my desk and working for at least 4 hours a day. For a workaholic like me it would have been my worst nightmares to not be able to do something productive. Had this opportunity still not be existent at this point of time I would have been pulling my hair out of boredom. 

Patience, which I thought I had, was my mere delusion. For the past few months or let’s just say the year 2020 has truly redefined the meaning of patience in my dictionary. Your brain can be a dangerous place to live in during this pandemic. But just having patience and being able to calm your mind is a great deal of achievement. I won’t deny the fact that every now and then my patience tries to jump off the window but anyhow I convince it to stay. The process of keeping patience has been so enlightening that it changed me as a person. 

While I can’t wait to see what stands at the end of the tunnel I choose to embrace the journey towards it.