By Sambridhi Shrestha

Ever since we were kids we have been studying plastic pollution in our textbooks. It’s been quite a while since we heard that the pollution is increasing every year but we have not heard that it is decreasing and this is very sad. We are aware that this problem exists but the realization of its consequences is not yet there.

The visibility of the consequences is increasing each year in aquatic life. Animals like sea turtles, seals, sea lions, sea birds, whale, and dolphins are highly affected by it. They either consume the plastic as food or get strangled in it.

The current scenario of those aquatic animals is very vulnerable. We human beings forget the fact that those animals can’t help themselves and have no knowledge that plastics are not too edible. We call ourselves “human beings”, the most knowledgeable and advanced species living on this planet but we don’t have the decency to think that our actions are affecting the aquatic animals.

In our daily lives, we see and read the effect of plastic pollution and what it is doing to the aquatic species through the amazing technology called the internet. Every day we stay at home scroll through our gadgets, we see images and news regarding the pollution, we feel bad for a few seconds and as we continue to scroll we forget about it. The sense of responsibility and guilt doesn’t strike our heart or brain and that is the main problem.

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Until and unless each and every human being in this planet doesn’t take a step individually, this problem will stay a problem and we will have to face the demise of more aquatic animals which will eventually effect the ecosystem. Every two or three decades we hear a species of an animal being extinct.

We don’t see the plastic floating everywhere in the ocean but most of the plastic lie on the bottom of the ocean or inside the aquatic animal’s body causing death. But, are we waiting for the plastic to float on the surface of the ocean and finally take action towards it? Are we waiting for the worst case scenario to occur? Are we dumb enough to wait for tomorrow to stop using plastic products?

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Yes, many waste management companies and recycling companies are emerging but how much can they cover if the plastic consumption keeps on increasing. This will not work until the most knowledge and strong species “the homo sapiens” will take initiative towards saving other species in the planet. Is it fair to call ourselves humans and not showing humanitarian actions towards other species?

There are so many questions that hover around my head regarding the actions of human beings including myself and it boils up so much anger inside me in regards to this. Expressing my anger through this article regards to the plastic consumption affecting aquatic animals. I hope that this article has some impact on the readers at least people who read this article change their mind and avoid using plastics on a daily basis.

Lastly, I pledge for humanity towards the aquatic beings because this problem is real and it will get bigger every day.

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