By Pete Julius

Are you targeting retail? Do you know which retailers are looking to expand in your area? Do you know the types of retail you should focus on? Do you know which retailers require a population density of at least 40,000 people or a minimum traffic count of 25,000 vehicles per day? If you answered yes to the first question and don’t know the answers to the following three questions, then the Retail Tenant Directory, published by Trade Dimensions, is your ultimate savior.  The retail tenant directory contains company profiles on retailers and restaurants located within the United States.  The company profiles within the directory include the following information:

º    Contact information

º    Top executives

º    Email for real estate contact

º    Number of stores

º    Operating names

º    Preferred square footage

º    Retail classification

º    Preferred locations (i.e. strip malls)

º    Preferred co-tenants

 º    Number of new units planned

º    Number of remodels planned

º    Preferred lease options

º    Minimum population density

º    Minimum traffic counts

º    Customer base

º    Financial summary

º    Areas of operation

º    Targeted expansion areas

The Retail Tenant Directory can be purchased as a hardbound book or on a CD and is updated annually.  The hardbound book costs only $370, while the CD-format purchase price is $1345.  The hardbound book is an ideal resource if you just want to use it sparingly as a reference. However, if you anticipate quickly developing a database or manipulating data, then the CD version would be the better choice.  

For more information, including ordering, visit:  Other retail sources by Trade Dimensions:

  •  Retail Site Database contains profiles for Supermarkets, Mass Merchandisers, Drug Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Convenience Stores and Category Killers.
  • Marketing Guidebook contains 1,100 retailer chains and wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada plus over 1,700 specialty distributors and brokers with profiles that include over 21,000 executives ranging from Presidents and CEOs to Category Managers, Buyers, and Merchandisers.
  • Market Scope contains share, store counts, and advertising group data for every industry player in the US, plus market demographics, relative strength of chains vs. independents and more.
  • Convenience Store Directory includes the 5,600 hottest prospects from over 1,400 in-depth company and division profiles and the leading accounts operating in each market.
  • High Volume Retailers contains key information needed to know about retail’s most volatile chains, including super centers and wholesale clubs, discount stores, dollar stores, drug stores and many more.