By Sambridhi Shrestha

Sometimes we tend to lose ourselves in order to keep someone or something in our life. 

But the peace that we have with ourselves is obstructed by this attempt, destroying our self-confidence because nothing can bring back the happiness.

We care about everyone except for ourselves, try to keep everyone happy and please them and in this process, we do things that don’t make us happy but we do it for the sake of people who we really care about be it our family, our friends, our spouse or even our lover. Every step we take in life we tend to think about others, their feelings, their reactions, and their emotions, suppressing our emotions and feelings and shutting them in a closet and throwing the key away. We push ourselves to the extent where we start behaving and acting in a manner we don’t want to but we do for the people that we love. And without even realizing we lose ourselves, it becomes so consuming that we get highly disturbed mentally, physically and emotionally. We start feeling dissatisfaction in everything and everyone including ourselves, we think that we are not doing it right, we know we are trying but feel like we are back to square one. The feeling of not being enough starts crawling in your soul. It is scary but true!!

No one will understand what we are going through because we ourselves are not clear about what we want to do and what we don’t. The confusion takes away our clarity towards everything and we start questioning ourselves, our actions, our decision and our reason to be happy. It takes so much from us that one day we just stop doing everything and think what is happening to us.

Realization pops the illusion bubble that we are satisfied and everything is fine. It takes time and is the hardest part, we have an inner battle going within, our emotions, things we want and what we are doing. The stress pushes you to a completely different person and you can’t go back to the same person that you were before.

Acceptance makes us unstoppable. We realize that we need to be selfish in order to be happy, we strive for a better tomorrow. If something or someone is stressing you out then we need to let it go even if it hurts, even if it’s not easy and even if it might feel wrong at that point.  The moment you let go, it feels like a sudden outburst of all the emotions that we have been keeping to ourselves. That day you sleep in peace and the next day you feel relaxed and start living your life in a different way which you had never imagined of but you feel at peace.

We need to learn to keep ourselves on the pedestal for our own happiness and peace because no one else is going to do that for us.