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A Georgia County Council

Using the County’s existing target industries, Whittaker Associates helped our client develop and implement a marketing plan. The geographical advantages of the County, located between Atlanta and the ports of Savannah and Brunswick, allowed us to focus on industrial sectors that would benefit from their location. Whittaker Associates identified target companies within their selected industries whose needs could be met by the County’s resources and that also exhibited characteristics of firms likely to expand or relocate based on events taking place within the company and/or its business environment. Our efforts have resulted in 22 suspects and one project. We also provided our client with a list of site location consultants that produced significant results and new business opportunities.

A Texas Economic Development Agency

Whittaker Associates, in conjunction with an economic development corporation located in Texas, created a target company profile to screen our proprietary database of data companies. The goal of this project was to identify 125 companies with a high probability of locating, expanding, or consolidating within our client’s local area that could reap the benefits of the city’s competitive advantages, which include inexpensive power and proximity to the Dallas metropolitan area. Currently, the organization is working with three projects and has begun building relationships with 16 of the companies that were provided.

A Florida County Organization

Whittaker Associates was contracted by an economic development agency located in Southeast Florida to provide targeted lists of companies with events precipitating an impending need to locate in their area. After a collaborative effort to create a target company profile, we provided our client with a database of 150 companies in the medical device and supplies industry, as well as firms offering back-office services. Currently, they are in the process of following up on these leads and have already identified several suspect companies.