By Jami Gibson

I came home on New Year’s Eve afternoon to a brightly-colored present waiting on my front porch. Inside was a beautiful journal and a card from a close friend with a challenge to keep daily entries for 2017. Now for just over a month, I’ve been spending 15 minutes before falling asleep to journal my thoughts. It has made a significant difference in how I process my day! There are several benefits to journaling, but here are a few I can attest to:

  • Reflecting on the day can instill deep gratitude for the accomplishments and challenges of the day.
  • Writing about issues or fears can provide the opportunity to look at them from an outside perspective and aid in problem-solving.
  • Putting thoughts to paper can organize ideas and de-clutter the mind, helping bring about relaxation.
  • Calming the mind allows for a more restful sleep.
  • Journaling, especially at night, can mentally “close the door” on the day and prepare one for the following day, almost like a to-do list.
  • “Checking in” daily provides a way to monitor goals, issues, and outcomes.

Do you journal? If so, has it helped you in your professional or personal life? If you’ve never journaled, I challenge you to try it for a week to see if you, too, can experience the benefits! Happy writing!