By Valorie Oonk

They say “Variety is the Spice of Life”… I have always liked this idiom. It seems to suit me quite well. But have you ever wondered who said that or what its origin was? I have to admit, I have not until writing this article. The research side of me kicked in, let me share with you what I found. This proverbial saying comes from William Cowper’s poem THE TASK written in 1785 “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” (Thank you Google)

I think we all have an idea what Mr. Cowper meant and most of us have more than likely used this phrase a time or two! Referring back to this being suiting to myself, let me elaborate on that. Personally, I have always held a few jobs. I am a licensed Realtor, Certified Personal Trainer and work front desk at a Marriott for 21 years. Oh but wait there’s more! I also do research. Why do I feel the need to hold so many part time jobs instead of one traditional full time job? Variety! Each one brings something different, challenging or rewarding at times but always interesting. From constant contact and having connections with clients or guests to quiet, alone screen time, to an endless demand of keeping up with the times, continual learning and doing all of these through new innovative ways!

During this crazy unprecedented time, especially this far into a seemingly endless pandemic, I think of the differences in people and how they are dealing with change. For those that are normally extroverts, spontaneous and crave excitement – let’s call it SPICE, how are they adjusting to not having those options from going to a concert or movies to worry-free travel to some of the most basic functions in daily life being so suddenly restricted and limited? What about the ones that are introverted by nature or “homebodies”? Have they had enough? Are they finally ready to get out and do things they normally were fine without or are they loving that the world has slowed down to their pace?

Finally, what about life? Are you finding yourself living a completely new lifestyle? It may be a new variety that gives you the opportunity to spice things up when life has left few choices. More outdoor activities, getting very creative with zoom, social media, finding ways to visit with friends and family safely. So even though there are so many things that are out of our control right now, we yearn to find things we can control like the variety being the very spice of life, that give it all its flavor! I hope you never stop looking for yours!