By Saurav Rajbhandari

I have not traveled much. I’ve covered a few districts in Nepal, some bordering towns in India, and the Nepal-Tibet Border. The Far Western part of Nepal is the farthest I’ve been away from home. During my school years we had field visits to different districts in Nepal. Some were growing cities and some rural parts. That’s where the travel bug got me. Traveling provides a source of relief and enjoyment that you cannot get out of anything else. The means by which one travels also determines the experience you have. Traveling on a motorbike has a different feeling. You’re out on the open road. Though you have to concentrate on riding, going through the hills and winding roads on your own is quite a different experience.

I have also traveled by bus, which is a common way to get around in Nepal. It’s a daunting task to reach the destination on time on Nepali roads. One time a field visit from school, I remember being on the front row of the bus and it was night time. We were traveling on the Palpa-Pokhara route. The roads were narrow and bumpy. I remember seeing flashes upon flashes of light, and the speed in which the bus was traveling was amazing considering the terrain and size of the road. The journey was somewhat of an adventure, but the driver got us to Pokhara that evening safe and sound.

Here are some of my pictures of travels from recent and previous years.

Taken while returning to Kathmandu from Bardiya last October

Our class at the Customs office on the Nepal-Tibet Border

Taken in 2013, during the Bisket Jatra. The chariot is pulled by parties from two different sides. The side who successfully drags the chariot to their area wins

Child priest in Kwabahal Patan (Golden Temple). It’s believed that only children are allowed to perform holy rituals in the temple located in Patan.

The Golden Temple

Dubung Village in Tanahun

These pictures of my travels include some places both near and far from my home, but they all have a major significance in terms of values and traditions. I’m looking forward to going on further travels in the near future.