By Dean Whittaker

We learned as a child the importance of these two words… Thank You. Thanksgiving reminds us of the gratitude we feel for what we’ve been given. Expressing that gratitude by saying “Thank You” is more than just being polite. It is also a heart-felt acknowledgment of the other person’s contribution to our life. It lets them know that what they do is appreciated.

At Whittaker Associates, we end our weekly team meeting with each of us stating three things for which we are grateful. Many of the gratitudes are what you would expect, but then sometimes there is a surprise. Time with friends, and family is often one of the replies. The work our clients give us to do as well as the comradery of our team are other common refrains. The joy our pets bring us is often said, as is our health, especially when we’re recovering from an illness.

Less typical are gratitudes expressed for the food that we eat, the warmth of our office and home, and the peace and prosperity we are experiencing. The simple things often go unnoticed, such as the folded laundry, the prepared meal, and the trash taken out.

Here are a couple of things to try if you’re looking to start your day on a grateful note. When you first awaken, list five things for which you are grateful. Next, give someone a hand-written thank you note for a kindness they have shown you. When the seasonal depression sets in, make a list of the twenty things you most admire about another person and give it to them. Lastly, feed the birds (and squirrels in our case).

As we move through the holiday season in the Western world, let’s keep these two simple words, thank you, in mind, and use them often now and throughout the year.

P.S. And Thank you for your readership. Without you, there would be no Whittaker Report!