By Leigh Howe

Many of you know the Morrison brothers, Ed & Thompson.  And if you haven’t taken a look at their, you should.  Specifically, take a look at the EDPro Weblog they have put together.  It is an up-to-date collection of news articles relevant to the economic development world – from Boeing’s latest move to innovative programs that are being implemented around the country to very timely topics about the economy.  We have found it a great place to keep up with all of the economic development news.  Best of all, it is a free service. 

Visit the EDPro Weblog at and check it out.  Also, along the right hand side of the page under links, you can sign up to receive a weekly email newsletter that contains summaries of the weblog and direct links to the articles.  The weekly email is a nice reminder to keep up with your reading and keep on top of what is going on in the ED arena.