By Sambridhi Shrestha

Growing up, I always thought people worked solely to earn a living. Of course everyone wants big bucks in their pockets, but there are other things people expect from work that makes them feel fulfilled. From my personal experience in the two jobs I’ve held post-graduation, I have learned that many factors such as work environment, learning opportunity, and co-workers play vital roles in keeping people motivated at work.

The first of my work experiences was as an intern in a bank under which there were many rules, regulations, and strict discipline. I thought I would be working with a group of experienced folks, but contrary to that, it was a group of youngsters. They were very interactive and supportive. Although the work was often monotonous, interacting with my co-workers along with a cup of coffee cheered me up. The supervisor was an older gentleman, but a good leader. He knew how to communicate, not just give instructions. He always asked for feedback from his subordinates. Although I didn’t get paid for my work, I realized that money wasn’t the only thing that mattered. What really matters is does your work make you happy? Does it make you want to go to work every day satisfied and generate new ideas, experience, and knowledge? My experience while working in the bank taught me the meaning of team work and support in an organization.

My second job is the one I currently hold as a part-time researcher at Whittaker Associates. It is different from the previous job in many ways. This is a small company where the work environment is cozy, and unlike my previous job, there aren’t strict rules. I like the flexible working hours as well as the fact that we don’t have a strict dress code. I don’t have to go into the office to work as our duties can be done from anywhere, so although I have limited face-to-face interaction with co-workers, they are fun, supportive, and always willing to assist. I also appreciate earning an income as I love this feeling of being independent and learning to take care of my finances. While working here, I have been able to hone my online research skills, especially in Google. I have also learned about various technologies and techniques to look for information online and within specialized databases.

Everyone is different when it comes to motivating factors for both work and non-work activities. I’m sure many of you have discovered issues working in an office setting, but there is always some kind of motivation that pushes you to go to work every day. If you don’t feel that passion, make it a point to find work to keep you motivated!