By Sharad KC

Every week our team in Michigan and Kathmandu meet online for a weekly update. While most of our conversation is about the work we do, we also spend a few minutes talking about three things we’re grateful for over the previous week. This is by far the most entertaining part of our meeting where we get to know about our coworkers, share our moments of the week, and more importantly, appreciate people and events that have helped us to get through the week.

As I come to an end of working here at Whittaker Associates, I wanted to share three things I am most grateful for during my time here.

1. Learning attitude – I have learned quite a few things during my time here at Whittaker Associates. And I have been able to do so mainly because of the learning environment. I am particularly grateful to Dean for always encouraging us to learn new things and share them with each other. I am also grateful to learn about both the personal and professional life of my team members and share mine with them as well.

2. Workplace flexibility – One of the advantages of working in a small firm is that there are very little corporate rules, or I’d like to call it, “flexible corporate rules.” There is no such thing as 9 to 5 working hour. This has helped me become productive as well as efficient with my time. I was able to work when I could be the most productive, whether it’s in the morning, during the day, or sometimes after dinner. I was also able to work from different locations. I feel I have been much happier than when I had strict traditional working hours in my previous jobs. In addition, I have been able to spend more time with my family and friends because of the work flexibility.

3. “3 grateful things” – Lastly, I am thankful that we have three grateful things to share with each other during our weekly meetings. I believe we have been able to open up and know each other closely. Especially since we have to coordinate between teams located at opposite parts of the world, it is very important for everyone to know and help each other out whenever needed. I believe that it is very important to know about your co-workers lifestyle and plan your work week accordingly.