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Yearly Archives: 2019

A Look Ahead

By Dean Whittaker

My nature is to wonder.  I wonder about lots of things but mostly about the future.

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By Brittany Gebben

As we approach a new year, there’s always talk of the upcoming year’s resolution, or goal.  I’m typically not a fan of the traditional New Year’s Resolutions because I believe they focus too much on the end result without much concentration on the planning needed to achieve it. 

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My Four Year Anniversary

By Sambridhi Sherestha

What a journey it has been, full of learning and experiences.

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The Packaging Influence

By Ayush Dev Pant

Packaging is not just for protection, it is a major marketing agency. Packaging is regarded as a pivotal aspect of any product as it creates the first impression for the consumer.

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Art and AI

By Adam Hubbell

As the human animal has progressed from small hunter-gatherer tribes to full on society, we’ve reduced the time necessary for works of survival (finding food, water, and shelter) via technological advancements from the invention of farming to the invention of GrubHub.

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