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Yearly Archives: 2019

Alexander Hamilton and Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Dean Whittaker

While in Chicago recently I had the opportunity to experience the Rap musical, Hamilton, which is about the founding of the United States. It stirred in me a renewed interest in the history of our country and the people that helped bring it about.

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A Journey Through Thailand…

By Brittany Gebben

I’m currently on an explorative trip visiting the country of Thailand, and I’ve enjoyed learning more about the Thai culture, history and the Buddhist religion. I love to travel, and Thailand has been on my husband’s and my bucket list of world travels together for many years.

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Rebranding: Crafting the Fate of an Enterprise

By Ayush Dev Pant

All the pioneering businesses today weren’t always among the elites. Had they not changed with time, there would have been different brands leading the market. One of the major reasons successful companies enjoy their market dominance today is their flexibility towards the dynamic market and their effort towards ‘Rebranding.’

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